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Re: [Scheme-reports] *TELUS Detected Spam*Re: [r6rs-discuss] returning back to pattern matching

Thomas Bushnell, BSG scripsit:

> Libraries should be in the standard when efficient implementation will
> normally be implementation dependent (so that a standard implementation
> won't do). 

That's one reason, but not the only reason.  For example, LENGTH is fully
definable in terms of primitives, but it is part of every Scheme standard,
because it's convenient to have it and for it always to be the same.
In WG2 Scheme, all of the SRFI-1 library will be a WG2 library (all WG2
libraries are optional), so even though it won't always be there, it
will *de jure* always be the same when it is there.

Note that there are at least two implementations of SRFI-1, the reference
implementation and the Chibi implementation (which does not distinguish
between FOO and FOO! procedures).

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