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[Scheme-reports] Fwd: Missing description of complex polar form

Oops, I meant to send this to the list. And you can see that my ISP has decided that this list is spam again. I hope that's not a value judgement! -- v

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From: Vincent Manis <vmanis@x>
Date: 2011 April 30 17:40:08 PDT
To: Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm.tredinnick@x>
Subject: Re: *TELUS Detected Spam*[Scheme-reports] Missing description of complex polar form

On 2011-04-30, at 17:30, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

One of Vincent's recent emails reminded me of this. Nowhere in the report is the polar complex form described. The syntax is mentioned in the grammar on page 50, but when I went hunting for any requirements on the arguments and to confirm my assumptions, it was not to be found.

And apparently there is no way to produce a textual representation of a complex number in polar form (other than writing a few lines of code oneself). I'll have more to say about number->string in a subsequent email, but this certainly seems to me to be a deficiency.

-- v

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