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Re: [Scheme-reports] (command-line) needs to specify argv[0] behavior

Per Bothner scripsit:

> The definitions of (command-line) is:
>    Returns the command line arguments passed to the process
>    as a list of strings.
> It needs to clarify if this list includes the command used to
> invoke the process - i.e. C's argv[0].
> Making it implementation-dependent makes it useless.
> However, it is possible to make the first car be implementation-dependent.

That was the intention.  Fixed in trunk.

> Allowing command-line (and command-invoker) to return a list of 
> immutable strings
> (like symbol->string does) would avoid the need for an extra copy operation
> on Kawa, but that is pretty minor.

Added:  "It is an error to mutate any of these strings",
and similarly for get-environment-variable(s).

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