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[Scheme-reports] Language changes section of the latest draft


In the "incompatibilities with R5RS" section of the
latest draft it is said that

"The R5 RS procedures exact->inexact and
 inexact->exact have been renamed to their
 R6 RS names, inexact and exact, respectively, as
 these names are shorter and more correct. The former
 names are still available in the R5 RS compatibility

It's not clear why the R6RS names are more correct --
I assume it's because inexact->exact will also accept
exact arguments, for example (is that right?)
I know that the WG wants to shorten this section as
much as possible, but wouldn't it be possible to
very briefly explain this point in the text?

And actually, some of the points have a small 
rationale (like this one), but others don't (like
the removal of the transcript-* procedures).
Perhaps it would be nicer to uniformly explain all
changes, or just not explain any of them at all?


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