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Re: [Scheme-reports] valid implementation of call-with-input-file?

Alex Shinn scripsit:

> If we ask nicely John might take a survey of which ones close ports
> on exceptions in c-w-i/o-f :)

Okay, I tried throwing an exception within a c-w-i-f procedure using
(+ 'a 'b) and then attempting to read from the port.  Details at

Gauche, Bigloo, Scheme 7, Sizzle, the Java Schemes, and IronScheme close
the port.

Racket, MIT, Chicken, Scheme48/scsh, Guile, Chibi, SCM, Chez, Vicare,
Larceny, Ypsilon, Mosh, STklos, KSi, SigScheme, TinyScheme, Dream,
RScheme, XLisp, Elk, VX, SXM, Spark, Inlab do not.

Shoe, Rep, Schemik, UMB, Oaklisp, Llava, Femtolisp, Dfsch, Owl Lisp
don't support call-with-input-file or fail for other reasons.

John Cowan      <cowan@x>       http://www.ccil.org/~cowan
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