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Re: [Scheme-reports] Formal syntax versus text

Jussi Piitulainen scripsit:

>    (when <expression> <body>)
>    (unless <expression> <body>)


> Either replace the <body>s in the formal syntax with <expression1>
> <expression2> ..., or vice versa.

Replaced with <test> <sequence>, the internals of a <cond clause>.

> <derived expression> is missing (guard ...) and (parameterize). Or
> perhaps these were added when the missing keywords were added to
> <expression keyword>. I'm late in the game.


> 5.5.1 Module syntax says <module name> is a sequence of identifiers
> and _exact integers_; formal syntax specifies <uinteger 10>. Maybe add
> to 5.5.1 the requirement that the integers be unsigned?


> Formal syntax for <feature requirement> derives <module name> but the
> text in 5.5.1 has (module <module name>) instead. I think the formal
> syntax should be changed to match the text.

Unfortunately, the formal syntax is what CondExpandCowan specifies,
and that's what was voted on.  Ticket filed to change this.

> Also typo in 5.5.1 on import declarations: "... redefine or mutate and
> import binding ..." should have "an" in place of "and".


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