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Re: [Scheme-reports] "include" filename resolution

 | From: Andy Wingo <wingo@x>
 | Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 22:27:07 +0200
 | On Mon 08 Aug 2011 09:43, Denis Washington <denisw@x> writes:
 | ...
 | Given that `include' only exists in the `module' form, whose
 | mapping to the filesystem is unspecified, then this is also
 | unspecified.
 | However the way that Guile will deal with this will probably be to
 | search the load path for the file.  That said, it's unclear which
 | of the following forms it should be:

In my opinion, dynamic search-paths are a bad idea:

SLIB resolves library paths at the end of library installation.

Files named "usercat" in directories containing source-code
dynamically extend the catalog.  This lets programs have their own set
of modules which can override the system libraries, if desired.

The SLIB system works well and quickly, avoiding the problems
described in my blog.

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