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Re: [Scheme-reports] Write procedure is not backwards compatible

Aaron W. Hsu scripsit:

> 	write/safe
> 	write/shared
> 	write/dangerous-stupid-do-not-use-unless-you-think-you-are-neo

Less tendentiously, write/small-fast.

I assume that the first one writes datum labels for cycles but not
for shared structure?  That would seem to violate the whole notion of
read-write equivalence: you write out a value with shared structure as
a datum, but you read it back as a value without shared structure.

> One convenience of the parameter is that you can set it outside of the 
> program, rather than having to commit to a specific choice inside. 

You can also do this by manipulating imports.  In the default Chibi
library (scheme), which is not R7RS-compatible, `write` is the /small-fast
variety; in the (scheme write) library, it's the /shared variety.

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