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Re: [Scheme-reports] exception handling

Per Bothner scripsit:

> A typo in draft-3:
>   (merror message obj ...)
>    Message should be a string.  raise on a new created ...
> The sentence starting with "raise" is missing a verb.  Perhaps "Invokes"?

Fixed on trunk.

> The example listed after error does not make use of error.

It belongs with raise-continuable.  Editorial ticket filed.

> More fundamentally, the paradigm seems very awkward.  The classic
> exception-handling idiom in a language with non-continuable exception
> seems to require call-cc, which is rather painful:

See "guard" (4.2.7).  This unwinds the dynamic state while executing the
appropriate catch clause and then falls out the bottom of the guard.  But
if no catch clause applies, the state is rewound (except for the current
handler) and the next handler is tried.

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