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Re: [r6rs-discuss] [Scheme-reports] Unclear word in license grant

John David Stone scripsit:

> The lesson for future RnRS authors:  Please use one of the standard
> Creative Commons licenses, such as CC-BY.  Then, when people
> raise questions like this in the future, just point them to the
> "lawyer-readable" version of the relevant license.  No matter how many
> times they ask, send the same link.  It's a lot less frustrating.

Unfortunately, each report is a derivative of the reports that came
before, and on the usual theory (IMHO false, but IANAL) that all authors
must consent to a change of license, we probably can't do anything.
Some authors are dead, and we know nothing about their successors in
interest, nor is it likely that we could get them to pay attention.
Even the living authors are unlikely to get it together to actually agree.

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