On 13 September 2010, John Cowan submitted the following status report for working group 2 to the Scheme Language Steering Committee.

This message is being sent to the WG1 and WG2 mailing lists as well and to the Scheme Steering Committee. It constitutes the Chair's belated 6-month report on WG2 activity.

The WG has voted on a list of 192 possible work items prepared by the Chair. Of these, 66 were accepted and 109 were rejected. In accordance with its charter, the WG also voted to pass 14 work items to the Steering Committee to assign to one or more future WGs (collectively known as "WG3" in the vote).

The remaining 3 items will require a revote, as the votes for WG2 and "WG3" were equal. WG1's current ballot contains options to pass items to WG2 for consideration. When WG1's vote is complete, WG2 will decide item-by-item whether or not to do so, and probably revote the 3 tied items at that time.

Details on the election can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/wg2-votes, which is the HTML version of a Google Spreadsheet. All decisions were taken on the basis of a majority of the legal votes cast, in accordance with American parliamentary law. Note that there are two subsheets, for the election and its results.

For the SC's benefit, here are the 14 items:

The Chair urges the SC to decide on these as expeditiously as possible.

Last updated 23 September 2010.

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